Katherine Turner Photography

I have always been obsessed with photography. Ever since my little sisters were born, I’ve been dressing them up and making them model for me… don’t worry, they loved it 😉  I’m that girl with over 60 albums on Facebook… I just love taking pictures and having those memories.  The past few years, I have been taking senior pictures for my sister and her friends, and I just recently did an engagement shoot for one of my good friends.

I’ve been getting more and more opportunies, so I decided to start my own little business, Katherine Turner Photography. Now, I can officially call myself a photographer. I specialize in senior pictures, but I am also able to photograph families, children, pets, weddings, birthday parties, etc. You name it, I can do it.

Here is a link to my Website and my Facebook page. Please check it out 🙂  And don’t forget to contact me for any of your photography needs.

– Katherine

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A Change of Scenery.

As of May 5th, I am a college graduate.  The day was very bittersweet as I said goodbye to my best friends and homework and headed off to Columbus to move into my boyfriend’s and my new apartment. I was so excited to start a new chapter of my life.

Life in Columbus has been great and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve never lived in a huge city before, so I am constantly finding new and exciting things to do. We have lived here for a little over a month now and we haven’t even discovered a fourth of the city yet. Yes, Columbus is a big city and always running a million miles a minute, but there are peaceful places to get away from the rush of the day.  A nice jog down Scioto River Trail is a great way to free your mind and get away. Also, the Columbus Commons is only a couple blocks away from our apartment, which hosts free fitness classes and great concerts on the weekends. Jury Room, Tip Top, and Milestone 229 are a few of our favorite restaurants we like to treat ourselves to after a long week.

However, not everything since graduation has been peachy keen.  Job hunting has been the most stressful thing I’ve ever had to deal with. The amount of jobs I applied for is ridiculous. I would have accepted anything as a job at one point.

“Would you like to apply to be a be a garbage man?”  “Why yes, yes I would.”

There were times where I just about had it, but I kept trying and hoping for something. Most people I’ve talked to mentioned that the way they found a job was through somebody they knew.  It’s all about networking and knowing people. After letting those comments soak in, I realized they were right.  Recently, I acquired an amazing job with Power Systems Research out of Minnesota. A stay at home job that lets me dig into my creative side… What could be better? I hit the jackpot and I have my mother to thank for that; She is one of PSR’s best employees.

Things are tough at times and I do miss my friends and family, but Columbus is a great city, my boyfriend is wonderful, and my life couldn’t be any more amazing. So overall, the switch from college student in a small town to working woman is a big city wasn’t that difficult at all. 🙂


One of my best friends and I after graduation.


View from our apartment in downtown Columbus.


View from the Scioto River Trail.


Weekend fun at the Columbus Commons.

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Vacationing Done Right: The BVI’s.

I thought I knew what a real vacation was like… until I went to the British Virgin Islands, aka Heaven. 10 of us hopped on a sailboat for the week and we sailed to a different island every day.

Norman Island had nothing on it except for a bar and a beautiful hiking trail.  We hiked a few miles until we found our own private beach. It was AMAZING.  When it was time for happy hour, the bar on the beach would shoot off a cannon to let everyone in the harbor know it was time to drink.  The Willie T is a bar on a big, old boat right in the harbor.. and we had the time of our lives that first night!  Also, towards the end of the trip, we went back to Norman Island and went snorkeling in the cave. It was amazing… until I saw a giant grouper that scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know it was a grouper at first, or I wouldn’t have swam 100 mph back to the boat to avoid getting eaten.

Josh Van Dyke was the best Island by far.  When we arrived, some of the gang went snorkeling at the reef in Little Harbor. For dinner, a ton of lobster was inhaled (that’s how fast it was gone).  The next day, we took a cab through insane streets on the edge of cliffs to get to White Bay; I bet it’s called White Bay because the sand is whiter than can be. First, we took an island tour on ATV’s, which was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. The views from the mountains were amazing!! After that, we cooled down with a few too many “Painkillers” at the Soggy Dollar Bar and swam in the crystal blue water!

We stopped at a few other places and had continuous fun. We did front flips off the sailboat into the harbor, saw sea turtles and barracudas, drank a million Carib’s, and laid in the sun every day. We were so relieved when we finally got the chance to shower in something other than the ocean half way through the trip;  a 5-minute, token operated shower.  In my opinion, the salt water kept me clean just fine.

The last night, we ate at a restaurant known at The Last Resort… fitting.  It was on it’s own little island away from everything else. The food was amazing, the drinks were delicious, and the band was hilarious.  We had the best last night ever, but it sure did some damage to our bank accounts with the 8 bottles of wine that got passed around the table.

Overall, It was truly an amazing trip.  Words cannot describe how fun, but yet relaxing, this trip was. The water was beyond beautiful and the people were as kind as can be.  It was a great trip with some great people and I will definitely be going back!

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In elementary school, I was pissed when I opened my brown bag lunch and my Twinkie was smashed! It was like the end of the world (No, I was not a fat kid, I just ate like one). Now, I’m even more devastated! Hostess has filed for bankruptcy with Twinkies! Whaaaat da fuuu?! Apparently, they have no nutritional value, and with our generation turning into health freaks, there is no longer a place in our world for Twinkies. I find that absolutely bonkers! Beer has no nutritional value, but people still drink ’em! Why hasn’t beer gone bankrupt? Yeah, beer gets you drunk and gives you an excuse to “act a fool”, but Twinkies are delicious and make you feel happy inside when you eat them. I don’t know about you, but I will be going to Wal-Mart ASAP to stock up on these yummy, cream filled, heavenly treats. I mean, look at the cowboy Twinkie on the box.. How can you say No to that guy!? So next time you see me, you will have to pull me out from underneath a pile of Twinkies. I work out every day, which means I deserve to eat a Twinkie every day, dammit! I’m gonna be just like this guy…


Until next time my friends.

Twinkie does still plan to produce after filing for bankruptcy and hopefully keep on keepin’ on! This is just a dramatization..

Wanna learn more? Check out this article…


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Blog Time.

While on the phone with my boyfriend who lives 4 hours away, I came to a huge realization; I am bored as crap!!! So I sat here thinking in my room as I watch Toddlers & Tiaras, “What the heck can I do with my life?!?”. Most seniors don’t have this problem; they go to a fun school. I, on the other hand, go to a school with absolutely nothing to do, unless I want to get drunk 7 days a week. Let’s be real here, I can’t pull off a 6-pack stomach if I drink a 6-pack of beer every night. If i did, I would end up having a belly as big as the hillbilly child on this damn TV show. (See Below)

I don't need this beer belly

I continued to think “what can i do?”, and then it came to me… BLOGGING. I’ve always loved to write, unless forced to by a professor of course. I am a writing tutor after all. Also, this would be a great opportunity to show off my new found obsession- Photography! At the moment, my camera is in the shop having work done, but once i get my baby back, IT’S ON!

I won’t always bore you with my photos, I plan on blogging about fashion and fitness tips, along with travel destinations, recipe ides… you name it, i’ll write about tit (thought i’d leave my typo for some humor).

Anyways, I am done rambling. This is my first blog, so back off. 🙂