In elementary school, I was pissed when I opened my brown bag lunch and my Twinkie was smashed! It was like the end of the world (No, I was not a fat kid, I just ate like one). Now, I’m even more devastated! Hostess has filed for bankruptcy with Twinkies! Whaaaat da fuuu?! Apparently, they have no nutritional value, and with our generation turning into health freaks, there is no longer a place in our world for Twinkies. I find that absolutely bonkers! Beer has no nutritional value, but people still drink ’em! Why hasn’t beer gone bankrupt? Yeah, beer gets you drunk and gives you an excuse to “act a fool”, but Twinkies are delicious and make you feel happy inside when you eat them. I don’t know about you, but I will be going to Wal-Mart ASAP to stock up on these yummy, cream filled, heavenly treats. I mean, look at the cowboy Twinkie on the box.. How can you say No to that guy!? So next time you see me, you will have to pull me out from underneath a pile of Twinkies. I work out every day, which means I deserve to eat a Twinkie every day, dammit! I’m gonna be just like this guy…


Until next time my friends.

Twinkie does still plan to produce after filing for bankruptcy and hopefully keep on keepin’ on! This is just a dramatization..

Wanna learn more? Check out this article…

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2 thoughts on “Twinkless.

  1. This was depressing for I love Twinkies myself, especially frozen. They don’t technically have a shelf life so hoarding might be the right idea.

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