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Vacationing Done Right: The BVI’s.

I thought I knew what a real vacation was like… until I went to the British Virgin Islands, aka Heaven. 10 of us hopped on a sailboat for the week and we sailed to a different island every day.

Norman Island had nothing on it except for a bar and a beautiful hiking trail.  We hiked a few miles until we found our own private beach. It was AMAZING.  When it was time for happy hour, the bar on the beach would shoot off a cannon to let everyone in the harbor know it was time to drink.  The Willie T is a bar on a big, old boat right in the harbor.. and we had the time of our lives that first night!  Also, towards the end of the trip, we went back to Norman Island and went snorkeling in the cave. It was amazing… until I saw a giant grouper that scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know it was a grouper at first, or I wouldn’t have swam 100 mph back to the boat to avoid getting eaten.

Josh Van Dyke was the best Island by far.  When we arrived, some of the gang went snorkeling at the reef in Little Harbor. For dinner, a ton of lobster was inhaled (that’s how fast it was gone).  The next day, we took a cab through insane streets on the edge of cliffs to get to White Bay; I bet it’s called White Bay because the sand is whiter than can be. First, we took an island tour on ATV’s, which was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. The views from the mountains were amazing!! After that, we cooled down with a few too many “Painkillers” at the Soggy Dollar Bar and swam in the crystal blue water!

We stopped at a few other places and had continuous fun. We did front flips off the sailboat into the harbor, saw sea turtles and barracudas, drank a million Carib’s, and laid in the sun every day. We were so relieved when we finally got the chance to shower in something other than the ocean half way through the trip;  a 5-minute, token operated shower.  In my opinion, the salt water kept me clean just fine.

The last night, we ate at a restaurant known at The Last Resort… fitting.  It was on it’s own little island away from everything else. The food was amazing, the drinks were delicious, and the band was hilarious.  We had the best last night ever, but it sure did some damage to our bank accounts with the 8 bottles of wine that got passed around the table.

Overall, It was truly an amazing trip.  Words cannot describe how fun, but yet relaxing, this trip was. The water was beyond beautiful and the people were as kind as can be.  It was a great trip with some great people and I will definitely be going back!

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