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Katherine Turner Photography

I have always been obsessed with photography. Ever since my little sisters were born, I’ve been dressing them up and making them model for me… don’t worry, they loved it 😉  I’m that girl with over 60 albums on Facebook… I just love taking pictures and having those memories.  The past few years, I have been taking senior pictures for my sister and her friends, and I just recently did an engagement shoot for one of my good friends.

I’ve been getting more and more opportunies, so I decided to start my own little business, Katherine Turner Photography. Now, I can officially call myself a photographer. I specialize in senior pictures, but I am also able to photograph families, children, pets, weddings, birthday parties, etc. You name it, I can do it.

Here is a link to my Website and my Facebook page. Please check it out 🙂  And don’t forget to contact me for any of your photography needs.

– Katherine

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A Change of Scenery.

As of May 5th, I am a college graduate.  The day was very bittersweet as I said goodbye to my best friends and homework and headed off to Columbus to move into my boyfriend’s and my new apartment. I was so excited to start a new chapter of my life.

Life in Columbus has been great and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve never lived in a huge city before, so I am constantly finding new and exciting things to do. We have lived here for a little over a month now and we haven’t even discovered a fourth of the city yet. Yes, Columbus is a big city and always running a million miles a minute, but there are peaceful places to get away from the rush of the day.  A nice jog down Scioto River Trail is a great way to free your mind and get away. Also, the Columbus Commons is only a couple blocks away from our apartment, which hosts free fitness classes and great concerts on the weekends. Jury Room, Tip Top, and Milestone 229 are a few of our favorite restaurants we like to treat ourselves to after a long week.

However, not everything since graduation has been peachy keen.  Job hunting has been the most stressful thing I’ve ever had to deal with. The amount of jobs I applied for is ridiculous. I would have accepted anything as a job at one point.

“Would you like to apply to be a be a garbage man?”  “Why yes, yes I would.”

There were times where I just about had it, but I kept trying and hoping for something. Most people I’ve talked to mentioned that the way they found a job was through somebody they knew.  It’s all about networking and knowing people. After letting those comments soak in, I realized they were right.  Recently, I acquired an amazing job with Power Systems Research out of Minnesota. A stay at home job that lets me dig into my creative side… What could be better? I hit the jackpot and I have my mother to thank for that; She is one of PSR’s best employees.

Things are tough at times and I do miss my friends and family, but Columbus is a great city, my boyfriend is wonderful, and my life couldn’t be any more amazing. So overall, the switch from college student in a small town to working woman is a big city wasn’t that difficult at all. 🙂


One of my best friends and I after graduation.


View from our apartment in downtown Columbus.


View from the Scioto River Trail.


Weekend fun at the Columbus Commons.

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Blog Time.

While on the phone with my boyfriend who lives 4 hours away, I came to a huge realization; I am bored as crap!!! So I sat here thinking in my room as I watch Toddlers & Tiaras, “What the heck can I do with my life?!?”. Most seniors don’t have this problem; they go to a fun school. I, on the other hand, go to a school with absolutely nothing to do, unless I want to get drunk 7 days a week. Let’s be real here, I can’t pull off a 6-pack stomach if I drink a 6-pack of beer every night. If i did, I would end up having a belly as big as the hillbilly child on this damn TV show. (See Below)

I don't need this beer belly

I continued to think “what can i do?”, and then it came to me… BLOGGING. I’ve always loved to write, unless forced to by a professor of course. I am a writing tutor after all. Also, this would be a great opportunity to show off my new found obsession- Photography! At the moment, my camera is in the shop having work done, but once i get my baby back, IT’S ON!

I won’t always bore you with my photos, I plan on blogging about fashion and fitness tips, along with travel destinations, recipe ides… you name it, i’ll write about tit (thought i’d leave my typo for some humor).

Anyways, I am done rambling. This is my first blog, so back off. 🙂